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Our medical group has proudly served the Pikes Peak region for over 70 years.

Name Specialty Location
Aguirre, Carmen, PA-C Family Medicine East
Eckman, Kari , DO Urgent Care Medical Center Point -
Kumar, Grace, MD, MPH, FACS General Surgery Medical Center Point -
Tewes, Leighton Bradford, MD Family Medicine Southwest
McKelvey, Sharon, DO Family Medicine Monument
Yacoub, Muthanna, MD Family Medicine Woodland Park
Yang, Joseph, DO Family Medicine Southwest
Cronin, Kristel , DO Internal Medicine Southwest -
Rao, Olga , MD Family Medicine Briargate -
Philip , Nileena , MD Internal Medicine East -
Harper , Michael, MD Family Medicine East -
Jordan, Cynthia, NP-BC Family Medicine Medical Center Point
Lim, Geoffrey, MD Dermatology Medical Center Point
Noble, Michael J., MD Internal Medicine Briargate
Johnson-Wirt, Aimee, MD Pediatrics Briargate
Voth, John W., MD Family Medicine Monument
Waggoner, Laken , NP Urology Urology -
Ubaissi, Hazem , MD Pulmonology Pulmonology -
Paeschke, Tracy, MD Cardiology Medical Center Point
Tewes, Bridget A., MD Pediatrics Southwest
Quiroz, Virginia, DNP, NP-C Orthopedics Medical Center Point
Henning, Kipp, DPM Podiatry Medical Center Point
Nolte , Mary , NP OB/GYN Southwest -
Campbell, Jennifer, NP Cardiology Medical Center Point
Johnson, Robin, PA-C Internal Medicine Southwest -
Arnett, Gavin , MD Radiology Medical Center Point -
Price, Kelly, MD Pediatrics Southwest -
Ienatsch, Pete, PA-C Family Medicine Fountain
LaManna, Jamie, ARNP Family Medicine East
Morris, Lara, PA-C Internal Medicine Briargate -
Neifert, Paige, MD Dermatology Briargate
Zumergrad, Susan, FNP-C Family Medicine Southwest -
Welker, William 'Bill', MMS, PA-C Urgent Care Medical Center Point -
Wallace, Stephanie R., MD Pediatrics Briargate
Veselka, Deanne, MD Family Medicine Fountain
Tishon, Jayme, MD Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Office -
Teschner, Sue , PA Internal Medicine Southwest
Taylor, Nicole, CNM OB/GYN Briargate
Tanganyika, Kundai K., MD Cardiology Medical Center Point
Strickling, William, MD Dermatology Medical Center Point
Stengel, Zachary, MD Family Medicine Southwest
Rudderow, Shireen, MD Urgent Care Urgent Care -
Rowlands, Caroline, MD Pediatrics Southwest
Read, Ashley, NP Urology Medical Center Point
Parris, Catherine, NP Urgent Care Medical Center Point -
Nitcher, Kathleen, MD Pediatrics Briargate
Murphy, Leann, PA Orthopedics Medical Center Point
Mills, Kristin, DO Internal Medicine Briargate
McNulty, Christopher, MD Urgent Care Urgent Care -
Martin, Jennifer, NP, RN, BSN Internal Medicine East
Malabre, William A., MD Family Medicine Roundhouse
Lockett, Cindy, MD Urgent Care Roundhouse -
Lachance, Kristen, MD Radiology Medical Center Point -
Kunstle, John, MD Family Medicine East
Kobayashi, Todd, MD Dermatology Medical Center Point
Kam, Benjamin, MD, MPH Orthopedics Medical Center Point
Kalford, Darlene, NP Internal Medicine Briargate
Jordan, Maureen, MD, MPH OB/GYN Briargate
Hubbard, Jeremy, PA-C, MPAS Dermatology Medical Center Point
Hrabal, Tanya, MD Family Medicine Southwest
Hoffman, Randall G., DO Family Medicine Woodland Park
Hicks, Benjamin , MMS, PA-C Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Office -
Henderson, Deborah , MD Dermatology Briargate
Hemsworth, Michael J., MD Family Medicine Southwest
Garscadden, Alan G., MD Pediatrics East
Garman, Bonnye, PA-C Family Medicine West at the Roundhouse
Galaska, Patrick, PA-C, MPAS Dermatology Medical Center Point
Farkas, Stephen, DO Family Medicine East
Evig, Crystal, MD OB/GYN Southwest
Duncan, Albert, MD Internal Medicine Briargate
Conner, Marc, DPM Podiatry Medical Center Point
Colvin, Elizabeth, DO Pediatrics Southwest -
Coleman, Mary, FNP-BC Urgent Care Medical Center Point -
Clark, Andrew, MD Family Medicine Roundhouse -
Cerniglia, Tracy V., MD Pediatrics East
Caulkins, Scott, MD Family Medicine Briargate
Burke, Charles R., MD Pediatrics East
Brodie, Steven K., MD Internal Medicine Southwest
Brinkman, Judith, MD OB/GYN East
Brady, Julie M., MD Family Medicine Roundhouse
Blue, Angela, NP Family Medicine Fountain
Bell, John, MD Internal Medicine Southwest
Bartusek, Megan, NP Family Medicine Briargate
Baker-Newsholme, Beverly, MSN, RN, APRN-BC Neurology Medical Center Point
Robison, Kendra D., DO, FACP Internal Medicine East -
Atkinson, J. Dudley, MD Urology Urology -
Aminsharifi, Jamie A, MD Radiology Radiology -
Park, Ben, DO Radiology Radiology -
Haug, James, DO Radiology Radiology -
Klismith, Michelle, MD Family Medicine Monument
Arhelger, Erik, MD Family Medicine Monument -
Skaggs, Jacqueline, MD Internal Medicine Briargate
Kidd, Justin, PA-C Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Office -
Carson, Laura, MD Pediatrics Monument
Foote, Kathleen, MD Pediatrics Monument
Stewart, Kyle, PA-C, MPAS Pediatrics Monument -
Anderson, Kevin M., MD Family Medicine Monument -